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About Our Brand
What's in a name... perhaps a bit of magic?

The name "Naartjie" (pronounced nar chee) is an Afrikaans word for "a small, sweet citrus fruit” found in South Africa. For the Naartjie Brand it is also synonymous with a "distinctive, affordable, naturally soft, functional, kid-friendly clothing brand".

Some years ago, in November of 1992, Naartjie opened its first store in the new Victoria Wharf Shopping Center in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. A tall standing vase filled with branches of tiny naartjies stood guarding the doorway when the shop opened. These had been cut from a "lemon" tree growing in the founders' back garden.

This little tree, in spite of regularly being watered and talked to, had struggled to grow. An attempt to graft a shoot from good lemon stock onto it had almost caused it to "give up the ghost". After rejecting this graft the little tree had to be cut back to save it. It struggled in its little corner of the back garden, overlooked for months and years as everything else grew up around it.

Then in the spring of 1992 it was covered in beautiful, sweet scented, creamy blossoms. Some weeks before the new store was to open its doors the small tree bore its first fruit. But instead of getting bigger and gradually turning yellow, the hard little green balls became wider and fatter and turned orange.

The little "lemon" tree had decided it was time to show its true colors. It was in fact no lemon at all, but a naartjie tree.

And maybe that's where some of the Naartjie magic stems from.

Naartjie... the original name in fun clothing

Our Brand... a unique approach to designing kids' clothes

The Naartjie Brand, like its name, has a flavor and style all its own. From its very conception Naartjie was about KIDS...playful, vibrant, active, colorful, natural, and always changing. The Naartjie brand can be described as a fusion of bright and colorful fashion forward elements. It exudes a fun, natural, active, fresh, playful and wholesome perspective of the world. We interpret worldwide trends in our own unique way that results in trend right kids fashions that appeal to kids of all ages.

The vision for the Naartjie brand pervades every aspect of the creation of its clothing from design to choice of materials and garment construction, through the manufacturing process and quality control. The design of Naartjie branded clothing embraces comfortable, wholesome, whimsical, and practical as key attributes. The manufacturing process that creates Naartjie branded clothing ensures that the resulting clothes are not complicated...always kid-friendly. The clothes are rugged enough to endure long days of play, yet bright and colorful enough to reflect the playful, imaginative spirit of childhood.

Always Fresh, Naartjie designs and introduces 11 new Collections each year. Naartjie Kids unique inter-coordinated ranges that are updated with new prints, styles and colors regularly, means that there is always something new in store and that it will coordinate with other items purchased earlier in the season... creating even more value for our customers. This gives our loyal customers many reasons for regular and rewarding visits to our fun to shop stores. Every item we sell in our retail stores and on our web site is Uniquely Naartjie.

We design, manufacture and retail children's clothing, accessories and footwear for ages newborn through 10 years old.

Naartjie... how it all began

The original name in fashionable, kid-friendly clothing

Naartjie was founded in 1989 in Cape Town, South Africa when designer Anne Eales decided she wanted an alternative to the basics dominated children's clothing brands that were available to her as she shopped for her three young boys. The Naartjie brand that she created is a successful synthesis of several design elements that make it distinctive, inspirational and very popular.

From its inception, Naartjie has been a product focused company that generated new customers primarily through concentrating on its unique assortment and design elements. It quickly attracted an international following, including members of Great Britain's Royal Family and today receives business from loyal customers around the world including Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Naartjie South Africa and the worldwide rights to the brand were purchased in 2001 by Naartjie USA creating an International company and brand. Our first USA store was opened in Santa Clara, California in the Valley Fair Mall in March of 2001. Today Naartjie's corporate headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah with merchandising headquartered in Burlingame, California and the Naartjie Design Studios and South African retail operations in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently we own and operate stores in both the United States and South Africa... with franchised retail stores in the Middle East. In addition to our retail stores, we have a rapidly expanding e-commerce business serving customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

Thanks you for being part of our history... and success story!

Distinctive Clothing... Always

The Naartjie award winning Cape Town design team and Burlingame, California merchandising team create and deliver distinctive kid-friendly clothes, using primarily 100% natural fabrics that are pre-shrunk and garment dyed. Our design teams are constantly traveling insuring that Naartjie Kid's designs are always on trend and have global appeal. With the latest fashion silhouettes, accessories and trend right footwear... there is something for everyone. "Uniquely Naartjie" represents a combination of distinctively Naartjie elements:

  • Naartjie designs, colors, prints, and styles represent a truly unique fusion of global fashion trends with Cape Town and Western casual lifestyles.
  • A dominant focus on natural fabrics that is garment-dyed, pre-washed and pre-shrunk for easy wear, ultimate comfort and easy care.
  • The "garment dying" process we use in our production process results in more vibrant colors and softer clothing and accessories.
  • The "ultimate in mix & match"... unique inter-coordinated ranges that are updated with new prints, styles and colors regularly, means that there is always something new in store and that it will coordinate with other items purchased earlier in the season... creating even more value for our customers.
  • The freshest and broadest color assortment in the industry... period.
  • Always "Kid-Friendly"... designing clothes that kids really love to wear:
    • Primarily 100% natural cotton fabrics.
    • Weight-right fabrications and garment construction for maximum comfort and easy care.
    • Pre-washed and preshrunk... kids love the softness of our clothes from the very first day.
    • Dress up, dress down, or layer colors & prints for fun... endless combinations and options that makes shopping fun.
  • We offer great fashions, basics, accessories and trend right footwear for girls, boys, and newborns to 10 years of age.
  • And all at surprisingly affordable prices!
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