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Our Clothes

Kids love our clothes! Most of our clothes are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, made from 100% natural cotton fabrics, always soft and immediately comfortable to wear. Give us a try!

Designed at our Cape Town Studio in South Africa, most of our clothes are made from natural fabrics that have been garment-dyed, then pre-washed and pre-shrunk for easy care. Soft to the touch, Naartjie Kids clothes are made almost entirely from 100% cotton, which has been combed and ring-spun for softness and improved durability. Naartjie clothes are designed and constructed by moms with the comfort of children being the number one focus… your child will love the comfort and softness of our clothes!

Garment dying is a process where the entire garment is dyed after being sewn. This is a more expensive process which results in a unique and more vibrant color. Normally garments are constructed from fabrics that are pre-dyed before the actual cutting and sewing of the garments. Piece dying is a very cost effective method of mass producing identical garments of particular colors. Garment dyed clothing have a soft and complex appeal both visually and to the touch that cannot be matched by piece dyed goods… we go the extra mile for comfort and durability.

Look in the drawer of any Naartjie Kids child and you will also see how our patterns and colors mix and match seamlessly with each other. A small red cherry on the cuff of a pant in December becomes embroidery on a shirt in March. A small hint of orange stripe in February, becomes a full over dye color in June. Continuity and endless attention to design details from line to line each month helps moms and their children put together fresh outfits that allow each child to wear their favorite Naartjie Kids items longer… and in their own unique way.

We love what we do and we know kids will have as much fun wearing our clothes as we have making them!

Caring for Our Clothes

Easy care guidelines to keep your Naartjie’s looking as good as the day you purchased them!

Due to the unique washing process that we use as part of the garment dyeing process, our clothes are truly 100% preshrunk. That means that after washing you will not be disappointed in the fit and feel of your Naartjie Kids clothing.

100% Natural Cotton
Naartjie Kids fashions are made almost entirely of 100% cotton and the shading and variations in our garments are a result of our unique dye process. Selected garments are dyed in pigment colors to give you a “made to fade” distressed look. Due to the process involved it is recommended that you wash these garments separately before wear. In order to maintain the unique colorations of our clothing, we recommend the following garment care guidelines.

Getting Started
Before you wash or dry any garment, always refer to our Naartjie washing instructions on the garment to insure that your Naartjie Kids garment remains just as beautiful as the day you bought it. To prevent snagging, zip up the zippers and close the buttons of our garments…and remember to empty pockets.

Washing... keeping colors vibrant
Machine wash in cold water with like colors and use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. To help prevent the colors from fading, remember to always turn garments inside out before washing. Do not dry clean or use spot removers.

Managing the Lint Bug
To minimize clothes collecting lint, wash lint-giving fabrics (those with a higher pile) separately from lint-attracting ones such as dark clothes and corduroy.

The "Denim Blues"
Wash denim separately the first few times in cold water and be sure to turn denim garments inside out to avoid color streaking.

Drying Hints
Line dry or tumble dry on low heat and use a cool iron if desired. Avoid overloading the dryer.

All of our garments have specific care instructions attached, so please read these carefully to insure that your Naartjie garment remains just as beautiful as the day you bought it.

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